Baby Birds!

baby birds

Greenhill Geese by AnnMackieMiller


As you know by now, I’m lucky enough to live near the Leeds to Liverpool canal so I have some great wildlife right at my front door. This page features a selection of funny bird photos made into a little fun story. In this photo journal you will find a whole story packed into a few photographs. I’ve tried to get out of the way and let the goslings tell their own story.

This delightful little family of Embden geese and goslings appeared on Greenhill recently. Parent geese teach by example. In this instance both adults leapt into the canal from the high bank. It may only be about 3 feet high but for a wee gosling that is a long way down. The goslings made it to the water after humming and hawing for a bit.

After a short swim around, (the goslings staying close to the female’s side), the parents led the way back up the steep banking – another chore for little legs, even using stubs of wings to help. There were a couple of tumbles back down but eventually they made it.

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A Gosling tells its story

“We’re only little. In fact we were just hatched the other day and this is our first day near the water. It seemed a bit unfair then when Mum and Dad jumped in the canal leaving us all alone here on the top. It’s a looooonnng way down. We, my brothers and me, thought we would just show you humans how hard it is to be a gosling and just how much is expected of us.”




Mum and Dad had already jumped into the canal leaving their four goslings poised on the edge.








I could just imagine what was going through their little heads.








The conversation may have gone something like this…

“Crikey that is a long way down.”









They could see the adults below them.









Eventually they obviously decided there was nothing else for it…








Free falling…









And there she goes…








On a greenfield site near the Leeds to Liverpool canal at Micklethwaite Wharf we have a flock of domestic geese gone wild. The original few were escapees from local poultry keepers and the flock has grown since then. 2011 was a bumper year for goslings, indeed our China goose had 20. I think in total we had about 70 goslings although they haven’t all survived. Now there are about 120 geese, a combination of white Embden geese, Toulous geese and crosses with Greylag. They provide me with endless hours of fun watching and recorded their behaviour in the wild.

This area is under threat from developers – you can read about how I am using the photographs as a protest. Saving Greenhill

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The family enjoyed a swim around for a while, the chicks sticking close to Mum and Dad fending off unwelcome visitors. Eventually though it was time for bed which meant a bit of a struggle to get back up the hill. It’s hard work being little.


It’s a long way up when you have little legs.


It did involve a couple of tumbles back down…



Up top, the parents kept an eagle eye.


…with encouragement…


Of course they weren’t the only ones on Greenhill – the China Goose and her huge family were right there too.


It may not be elegant, but it ll counts.
































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